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Inductees by Country


Richard Pratt (1934-2009) Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (Visy Industries)


Erling Sven Lorentzen (1923-)  Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (Aracruz Celulosa S/A)


Dr. Douglas Atack (1923-2007)  R&D  (Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada)
John Seaman Bates, Ph.D. (1888-1991)  Founder/ Leadership/ Technology  (Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada)(Technical Section of CPPA)
Norm Dove (b. 1941) Chairman and Founder Devron Engineering Ltd.
David A.I. Goring, Ph.D (1920-)  Leadership/ R&D  (Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada)
Jasper Mardon (1921-1997)  Founder/ Leadership/ Technology  (Omni Continental)
Derek Page, Ph.D. (1929-)  Academic/ R&D  (Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada)
Dr. W. Howard Rapson (1912-1997)  Technology  (University of Toronto)
Dr. Douglas William Reeve (1945-)  Academic/ R&D/ Technology  (University of Toronto)
Thomas A. Simons (1932-) Leadership/ Service/ Technology  (H. A. Simons Ltd.)
Gary A. Smook (1934-)  Academic/ Technology  (British Columbia Institute of Technology)
Barbara van Lierop (1948-)  R&D  (Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada)
George Herbert Tomlinson (1880 – 1958) Inventor/ Innovator/ R&D (Howard Smith Paper Company)
Peter E. Wrist (1927-)  Leadership/ R&D  (Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada)


Cai Lun (50-121)  Inventor/ Innovator  (Han Dynasty)
Wang Zhen (1271-1368) Printing Innovator

Kari Ebeling, Ph.D. (1940-)  Academic/ R&D/ Leadership  (Helsinki University of Technology)(UPM-Kymmene Corp.)
Professor Johan Erik Gullichsen (1936-) R&D/ Entrepreneur/ Academic  (Ahlstrom Corporation)(Arhippainen, Gullichsen & Co.)
Bjarne Holmbom (b. 1943)Professor Forest Products Chemistry Åbo Akademi University,
Marja-Sisko Ilvessalo-Pfäffli (1916 – 2013) Research & Development (KCL)
Waldemar Jensen (1915-2009) Academic/ Leadership/ Research & Development (Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute (KCL))
Matti Kankaanpää (1927-)  Leadership/ Technology  (Valmet Corporation)
Hannu Paulapuro
 (1947-)  Technology/ Inventor (Aalto University)
Jori Eino Pesonen (1925-)  Leadership  (Valmet (now Metso))
Jaakko Pöyry (1924-2006) Founder  (Poyry Group Consulting Engineers)
Niilo Erik Ryti (1919-1998) Academic/ R&D  (Helsinki University of Technology)
Juuso Walden (1907-1972)  Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (United Paper Mills(UPM))
Rudolf Walden (1878-1946)  Founder  (United Paper Mills(UPM))


Louis-Nicolas Robert (1761-1828)  Technology/ Inventor  (Inventor of Endless-Wire Paper Machine)


Walter Brecht (1900-1986) Academic/ Research & Development (Technische Univeritat Darmstadt)
Lothar Göttsching, Dr.-Ing. (1936-)  Academic/ R&D  (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
Johann Gutenberg
 (1398-1468)  Inventor/ Innovator  (Independent Inventor)
Georg Jayme
(1899-1979)  Academic/ R&D  (Institute of Cellulose Chemistry)
Friedrich Gottlob Keller (1816-1895)  Inventor/ Innovator  (Independent Inventor)
Eduard Küsters (1905-1987) Founder/ Leadership  (E.K. Maschinenfabrik)
Dr. Herbert Ortner (1932-) Technology/ R&D  (Integrated Paper Mill Projects)(Voith Sulzer Paper Technology)
Johann M. Voith (1803-1874)  Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Technology  (J. M. Voith Company, Germany)


György Vámos, Ph.D. (1912-2002)  Founder/ R&D/ Academic  (Hungarian Paper and Cellulose Research Institute)


Laxmi Niwas Bangur (1949-)  Entrepreneur/  Leadership  (Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd.)
Hardev S. (Doug) Dugal (1937 – ) Academic/ Founder/ Leadership/ R & D (Integrated Paper Services, Inc.)
Hari Shankar Singhania
(1932-)  Founder/ Leadership  (JK Paper Ltd., India)


Johan Richter (1901-1997)  Technology  (Kamyr Ab)

South Korea

Jong Dae Lee (1933-) Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (YuHan-Kimberly, Limited)


Arne J. A. Asplund (1903 – 1993) Founder/Research & Development (Defibrator AB, Sweden)
Sverker Martin-Lof (1943-) Leadership (Industrivarden, SCA and SSAB)
Alf de Ruvo (1938 – 2000)Executive Vice President, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA)
Lars G. Sunblad (1923-)  Entrepreneur/ Leadership/ Marketing & Sales (AB Iggesunds Bruk Company, Sweden)

United Kingdom

Brian Attwood (1927-) Leadership/ R&D/ Technology  (St. Anne’s Paper & Board Company)

United States of America

Joseph E. Atchison (1914-) Leadership/ Service/ Technology (Atchison Consultants, Inc.)
Havilah Babcock (1837 – 1905)-Founder, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Neenah, WI. USA
Stephen J. Baisch
(1917- 2011) Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (S. J. Baisch Associates Inc.)
Ernst Richard Behrend
(1869-1940)  Inventor/ Leadership/ R&D /Technology  (Hammermill Paper Company)
Nathan Bergstrom (1895-1981) Leadership  (Bergstrom Paper Company)
Oscar C. Boldt (1924-) Leadership/ Entrepreneurship/ Service  (The Boldt Group, Inc.)
David A. Bossen (1927 – 2015) Chairman, Founder, Measurex Corporation
Charles Boyd (1871-1952) Founder/ Leadership  (Appleton Coated Paper Company)
Tad Bretting (1936- 2003) Founder/ Leadership  (C. G. Bretting Manufacturing Company)
Daniel Kevill (DK) Brown (1886-1974)  Founder/ Leadership  (Neenah Paper Company)
Robert C. Buchanan (1940-)  Leadership/ Entrepreneur  (Fox River Paper Company)
William Buchanan (1903-1993) Leadership  (Appleton Wire Works)
Dr. Stanley Buckman (1908-1978) Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (Buckman Labs)
Tomas W. Busch (1923-1999) Leadership/ R&D  (Appleton Papers Inc.)
Chester Floyd Carlson (1906-1968)  Inventor/ Leadership/ R&D/ Technology  (Xerox Corporation)
Hugh J. Chisholm (1847-1912) Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (International Paper Company)
Charles B. Clark (1844-1891) Founder/ Entrepreneur  (Kimberly, Clark and Company)
Edwin Cowles (1892-1968) Technology/ R&D  (Cowles Engineering Corporation)
Harry T. Cullinan, Ph.D. (1938-)  Academic/ R&D/ Leadership  (Alabama Center for Paper & Bioresource)(Engineering/Auburn University)
Stark Dillard (1894-1975) Founder/ Leadership  (Dillard Paper Company)
Hardev S. (Doug) Dugal (1937 – ) Academic/ Founder/ Leadership/ R & D (Integrated Paper Services, Inc.)
Charles N. Egan (1910-1977) Entrepreneur/ Builder/ Leadership (Little Rapids Corporation)
D.C. Everest (1882-1955) Founder/ Leadership/ Service  (Marathon Corporation)
Robert Flowerree (1921-2006)  Leadership  (Georgia-Pacific)
Henry Frambach (1840-1921)  Founder/ Innovator  (Menasha Paper Pulp Company)
Thomas A. Gardner (1926 –) President & CEO (retired)  Gardner Systems Corp.
Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
William Markley Gilbert (1852 – 1926) Co-founder (Gilbert Paper Company)
Thomas Grace, Ph.D. (1938-)  Academic/ Technology/ R&D  (University of Toronto)
Arnold E. Grummer (1923-2012)  Service/ Entrepreneur/ Education  (Greg Markim, Inc.)
Robert Hagemeyer (1925-2001)  Leadership/Technology  (J. M. Huber Company)
Brenton S. Halsey (1927-)  Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (James River Corporation)
Fred Herbolzheimer, Jr. (1921-)  Leadership  (Thilmany Pulp & Paper Company)
Charles Holmes Herty (1867-1938) Academic/ Entrepreneurship/ R&D/ Technology (Herty
John Hinman (1885-1981)  Leadership  (International Paper Company)
Dard Hunter (1883-1966)  Academic/ Founder/ R&D  (Mountain House Press, U.S.A.)
Curt G. Joa (1903-1998)  Founder/ R&D/ Entrepreneur  (Curt G. Joa, Inc.)
Edgar J. Justus (1923-1988) Technology/ R&D  (Beloit Corporation)
John (Jack) Keller (1918-2007) Founder/ Entrepreneurship  (J.J. Keller & Associates)
William R. Kellett (1899-1996) Leadership  (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
Theodore Clifford Kennedy (1930- 2012)  Founder/ Leadership  (BE&K Inc., U.S.A.)
Martin Keyes (1850 – 1914) Founder (Keyes Fiber)
John A. Kimberly (1838-1928) Founder  (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
Charles P. Klass (1940 –) President, Klass Associates
Margaret E. Knight (1838-1914)  Technology  (Eastern Paper Bag Company)
Dr. Michael J. Kocurek (1943-)  Academic  (North Carolina State University)
George F. Kress (1903-1997) Founder/ Leadership  (Green Bay Packaging Inc.)
James F. Kress (1929-)  Leadership  (Green Bay Packaging Inc.)
Milos Krofta (1912-2002) Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Technology  (Krofta Engineering Corporation)
Morris Kuchenbecker (1928-)  Technologies/ R&D  (James River Corporation)
Carl Landegger (1930-)  Leadership/ Technology/ Marketing-Sales  (Black Clawson Company)
Karl F. Landegger (1905-1976)  Entrepreneur/ Founder/ Leadership  (Parsons & Whittemore, Inc)
Harry Lewis, Ph.D. (1891-1969)  Academic/ Leadership/ R&D  (Institute of Paper Science and Technology)
Ernst Mahler (1887-1967) Leadership  (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
John N. McGovern (1907-1995) R&D  (USDA-Forrest Products Lab.)
George W. Mead (1927-)  Leadership  (Consolidated Papers, Inc.)
George P. Mueller (1921-2008)  Leadership/ R&D/ Service  (Wisconsin Tissue Mills)
Raymond B. Mundt (1928-)  Leadership/ Entrepreneur/ Marketing-Sales  (Alco Standard Company)
Philip Nethercut (1921-) Leadership/ Service  (TAPPI)
Elis Olsson (1880-1949) Founder  (Chesapeake Corporation)
Dr. Joseph Parker (1928-1972) Technology/ R&D  (Beloit Corporation)
Irwin A. Pearl (1913 – 2014)

Joseph J. Plank (1881-1949) Founder/ Leadership  (J. J. Plank Corporation)
Bruce Barton Purdy (1917-2009)  Technology  (Appleton Wire Works)
John P. Reeve (1912-2005)  Leadership  (Appleton Papers Inc.)
William Rittenhouse (1644-1708) Founder/ Leadership  (Rittenhouse Paper Mill)
Reinhardt N. Sabee (1914-2005) Founder/ Technology  (The R. Sabee Company)
Lawrence Sanford (1925-) Technology/ R&D  (The Proctor & Gamble Company)
Thomas Schmidt (1939-)  Leadership/Service  (Wisconsin Paper Council)
Richard B. Scudder (1913-) Founder  (Garden State Paper Company)
Frank Sensenbrenner (1864-1952) Founder/ Leadership  (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
Darwin E. Smith (1926-1995)  Leadership  (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
Börje Steenberg (1912-)  Academic/ R&D  (Royal Institute of Technology)(Swedish Pulp & Paper Institute)
John Stoveken (1841-1921)  Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (Badger Paper Company)
John G. Strange (1911-1992) Leadership  (Institute of Paper Chemistry)
John Swanson (1917-1992)  R&D/ Academic/ Leadership  (Institute of Paper Chemistry)
Johannes Van den Akker (1904-1999) Academic/ R&D  (Institute of Paper Chemistry)
Theodore H Wegner (1945-) Research & Development (USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory)
Albert Bernard Weissenborn (1863-1938)  Founder/ R&D/ Technology  (Appleton Wire Works)
George Weyerhaeuser (1926-) Leadership  (Weyerhaeuser Company)
Dr. Roy C. Whitney (1913-2005) Academic/ Leadership  (Institute of Paper Chemistry)
Robert C. Williams (1930-)  Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Leadership  (James River Corporation)
Richard P. Wollenberg (1915-)  Leadership (Longview Fibre Company)