Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
— Anthony J. D’Angelo

At the Paper Discovery Center, our mission is to Inspire All Generations—from the youngest children visiting with their kindergarten class, to the retired paper maker who devoted his or her life to the paper industry. As a science center, we believe that life is enhanced and enriched by a love of knowledge, and that education is most successful when driven by the student, no matter the age. We believe that life-long learning is a privilege that belongs to everyone, regardless of race, gender, income level or nationality. The Paper Discovery Center is a place to Experience Technology, Celebrate Innovators, Promote Our Cultural Heritage, and Motivate Learning.

Give Today, Grow Tomorrow 

The Paper Discovery Center is a 501(c)(3) corporation and receives no government funding. We are self-sustaining through entrance fees, memberships, special programs and events. Our generous donors—individuals, foundations, corporations and businesses—are instrumental in helping us fund new and traveling exhibits, subsidize field trip costs, allow for expansion of educational programming, and offset our operating expenses.  

A gift with real impact 

A visit to the PDC provides an opportunity for “informal” or “free-choice” learning. Only 5% of our science education takes place in a classroom; the rest, a staggering 95%, comes from museums, parks, playgrounds, and science centers. The Paper Discovery Center actively partners with a variety of non-profit organizations to bring free science programming to under-served members of our community.  

Annual Support 

Annual gifts are the financial foundation for our museum and educational programs. General operating sustains the PDC as an organization and allows the staff to focus on program planning and implementation. Like other organizations, the PDC needs funds in order to serve our community.  

Thank You to Our 2018-2019 Donors

Mr. Richard Abb 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Abernathy 


Albany International Corp. 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Allen 

Suhas Apte 

Arnold Grummer’s, LLC 

Mrs. Betty Atchison 

The Bob & Barbara Williams Foundation 

Mr. Thomas J. Boldt 

Ms. Darlene Bossen 

Brenton & Lindsay Halsey Family Foundation 

Mr. Michael Breza 

Lynn Brill 

Robert C. Buchanan 

Luca Catoni 

The Central National Gottesman Foundation 

Mr. Dan Clarahan 

Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region-Spark Grant 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Conrad 

Ms. Maria Costello 

CR Meyer and Sons Company 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry Cullinan 

Ms. Bola Delano 

Doug & Carla Salmon Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. H.S. (Doug) Dugal 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Emerich 


Flowerree Foundation 

Frank Shattuck/Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Geenen 

Mr. & Mrs. John Giese 

Great Northern Corporation 

Ms. Stacie Gries 

Ms. Mabel Grummer 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris J. Hartwig 

Kelly Helein 

Mr. & Mrs. Ake Hellstrom 


Kimberly-Clark Foundation 

Mr. Charles Klass 

Herb Kohl 

John F. Kress 

Mr. James Kuchenbecker 

Mr. Luigi Lazzareschi 

Mrs. Kathleen Lhost 

Mr. Norman Marsolan 

Dr. Jill McGovern 

Harold Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Mueller 

Dr. & Mrs. Jon Myers 

Neenah Paper 

Mr. Gordon Nicholls 

Dorothy Parker Ross 

Poyry Appleton 

Purdy Legacy Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. William Raaths 

Mr. & Mrs. David Rasmussen 

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Rasmussen 

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Reissmann 

Mr. Benjamin Rinehart 

Rotary Club of Appleton 

Mr. Paul Ruthven 

Ms. Kathryn Sahli 

Scheel’s Sports 

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Scheetz 

Dave & Kim Schiedermayer 

Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Schrodt 

Mrs. Ethel Schulze 

Mr. & Mrs. John Sensenbrenner 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Spiegelberg 

Mr. Scott Springmier 

Stein’s Garden & Home 

Irene Stohbeen 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Stone 

Patricia Streur 

Theda & Tamblin Clark Smith Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Thiel 

Mr. Benjamin A. Thorp 

Craig Timm 

Mr. Don Tremel 

University of Toronto 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wanke 

Graham Werner 

Mr. Robert Whitman 

Ms. Emmy Yu 

Capital Campaign

In 2016, the Paper Discovery Center and the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame embarked on a Capital Campaign to raise $1.5 million in its effort to assure the future viability of both organizations.  

The Boldt Company, one of the largest construction services firms in the United States, based in Appleton, Wisconsin, donated the generous lead gift of $250,000.  

The Paper Discovery Center and the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame gratefully acknowledges the following Capital Campaign gifts: 

The Boldt Company 

Harold & Doris Miller 
Harry & Bonnie Spiegelberg 

O.C. & Pat Boldt 
Green Bay Packaging 
Nichols Paper Products Company 
John & Mary Sensenbrenner 
Ivan & Mary Schrodt 

C.R. Meyer 
Roger & Susan Stone Family Foundation (KapStone Paper & Packaging Corporation) 

Robert & Laura Abernathy 
Great Northern Corporation

Doug & Carla Salmon Foundation
Neenah Paper, Inc
Central National Gottesman Foundation

The board of directors and other close friends pledged an additional $60,000.