Field Trips

A field trip to the Paper Discovery Center integrates science, art and history with an inspiring and relevant industry example that is strongly connected to Wisconsin’s heritage. The Paper Discover Center is housed within an historic paper mill overlooking the Fox River.


2019-20 Field Trips

Includes a staff-led handmade paper making activity and one demonstration for your group. Field trips are for groups of 15 students or more who attend public and private schools, or daycares and civic groups.  

Students will be divided into two smaller groups. Each group will get a short 10-minute introduction and then engage in a 40-minute-long handmade paper activity and then a 40-minute demonstration. PDC staff will guide the students in the paper making and perform the demonstration. The remaining 30 minutes will allow the students the opportunity to self-tour the exhibits. Total time 2 hours. 

Maximum number of students is 60 and the minimum number is 15


Field Trip Program Information


pre-k and kindergarden


A fun activity for the younger students; they will learn the parts that make up a tree, the products that we make from trees, careers that involve forests and the animals that find a home in a tree. Plenty of student participation with this activity.


grades 1 - 5

Static Electricity 

Magnets and the power of lightning fascinate people of all ages. We use electricity every day, powering a multitude of devices that we take for granted, yet most people do not understand much about it. We will explore the basics of static electricity and provide several cool demonstrations (using bubbles and a Barbie™ doll!) with our Van de Graaff generator. 


Paper Strength   

Sponsored by Scheels and the SECURA Insurance Company Charitable Fund.  

With this demonstration your students will get to form a hypothesis about how much weight a sample of paper will hold. In this fascinating, hands-on program, the students will participate in the experiment. We typically test brown paper bags, copier paper, newspaper and a paper towel. If time allows we will even show how strong a paper cup is.  


All grades

Hand-made Paper

This is our most popular activity. Using paper already on hand, we will take the students, step by step, through the process of making a brand new piece of paper—recycling at its finest! Completely hands-on activity and one that students won’t forget.