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Since its founding in 1992, the Paper International Hall of Fame (PIHF) has honored and recognized 135 giants in the paper industry from around the world whose accomplishments have truly revolutionized civilization. A plaque bearing each inductee's likeness and a video highlighting the contributions of each of them to the paper industry are permanently housed at the PIHF, which is the only one of its kind in the world and was created to foster a greater understanding of the paper industry - its values, heritage and its influence on our quality of life.

The idea of a Hall of Fame for the paper industry came about when a group of current and former paper industry executives in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley met to discuss how the importance of paper, and particularly some of the giants of the industry, could be recognized. They especially felt that the industry deserved recognition as the corner-stone of the Valley's economy and that of the world as well.

In 1992, formal meetings were held with the Neenah Historical Society in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA, to develop the concept and format for the Paper International Hall of Fame, Inc., which was formally registered with the Bureau of Patents and Trademarks in Washington, D.C., USA, in 1993.

Annual ceremonies for inducting individuals to the Paper International Hall of Fame began in 1995 with six honorees. In 1999, the Paper International Hall of Fame, Inc. was offered Kimberly-Clark Corporation's former Atlas Mill in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, to serve as its home. Its size also provided the opportunity to adequately tell the story of paper. A portion of the renovated Atlas Mill opened in February of 2005 as the Paper Discovery Center, a paper-related science and technology museum. Inside is housed the Paper International Hall of Fame which honors the esteemed paper industry honorees.

Today the Paper International Hall of Fame, Inc., a non-profit organization, continues to recognize people who have made preeminent contributions to the paper industry worldwide by inducting them into the Paper International Hall of Fame. It also oversees the operation of the Paper Discovery Center. Its location in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, is due to the Fox River, which has the greatest concentration of paper mills in the world. Wisconsin also ranks number one in paper making in the United States.

2018 Hall of Fame

Induction Dinner

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Red Lions Paper Valley Hotel - 333 West College Avenue • Appleton, Wisconsin

5:30 PM Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres Reception

6:30 PM Dinner

7:30 PM Induction Ceremony

RSVP by September 26, 2018 - Seating Assignments made upon receipt of reservations. No ticket will be sent.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Inductee Luigi Lazzareschi of Sofidel, Lazzareschi 


Richard Kerekes – Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Kerekes was selected for his Academic and Research and Development accomplishments within the paper industry.

Luigi Lazzareschi – CEO and co-owner of Sofidel in Lucca, Italy. Lazzareschi was selected for his Entrepreneur and Leadership skills within a niche market that has shown tremendous growth.

Heikki Peltola – Senior Vice President, retired of UPM-Kymmene Corporation, Helsinki, Finland. Peltola was selected for his Technology skills in the paper field.

Liisa Viikari – Professor Emeriti, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. Viikaria was selected for her Academic and Research and Development skills, especially for her efforts to transfer results of her research to paper mill operations.

The organization annually recognizes people who have made preeminent contributions to the paper industry worldwide by inducting them into the Paper International Hall of Fame.


The Paper Industry International Hall of Fame is always looking for qualified people who have made their mark on the paper industry.

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Paper Industry International Hall of Fame Inductees



Johannes Van den Akker (1904 - 1999) Emeritus Professor, Physics (The Institute of Paper Chemistry) United States

Lewis Miller Alexander (1856 - 1934) President (Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Company (Nepco)) United States

Arne J.A. Asplund (1903 - 1993) Founder, Research & Development, Chairman (Defibrator AB) Sweden

Douglas Atack (1923 - 2007) Vice President (PAPRICAN) Canada

Joseph Atchison (1914 - ) President and Owner (Joseph E Atchison Consultants, IC) United States

Brian Attwood (1927 - ) Owner and Director (St. Anne’s Paper and Paperboard Developments, Ltd.) United Kingdom


Havilah Babcock (1837 - 1905) Co-Founder (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) United States

Stephen Baisch (1917 - 2011) Founder and President (S.J. Baisch Associates Inc.) United States

Laxmi Niwas Bangur (1949 - ) Chairman (Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd.) India

John Seaman Bates (1888 - 1991) Founder, Technical Section (CPPA) Co-Founder (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada) Canada

Ernst Richard Behrend (1896 - 1940) Founder / Entrepreneur / Marketing (Hammermill Paper Company) United States

Nathan Bergstrom (1895 - 1981) Chairman of the Board (Bergstrom Paper Company) United States

Oscar Boldt (1924 - ) Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (The Boldt Group, Inc.) United States

David A. Bossen (1927 - 2015) Chairman, Founder (Measurex Corporation) United States

Charles Boyd (1871 - 1952) Founder and Chairman (The Appleton Coated Paper Company) United States

Walter Brecht (1900 - 1986) Academic/Research & Development (Technische Universitat Darmstadt) Germany

Tad Bretting (1936 - 2003) President and CEO (C.G. Bretting Manufacturing Company, Inc.) United States

D.K. Brown (1886 - 1974) Founder and Leadership (Neenah Paper) United States

Robert C Buchanan (1940 - ) Non-Executive Chairman (Fox River Paper Company) United States

William Buchanan (1903 - 1993) Chairman of the Board (Albany International) United States

Stanley Buckman (1908 - 1978) Founder (Buckman Laboratories, Inc.) United States

Thomas Busch (1923 - 1999) Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (Appleton Papers, Inc.) United States


Chester Floyd Carlson (1906 - 1968) Inventor / Leadership / R&D / Technology (Xerox Corporation) United States

Hugh Chisholm (1847 - 1912) Founder (International Paper Company) Founder (Oxford Paper Company) United States

Charles Clark (1844 - 1891) Founder and Manager of Operations (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) United States

Austin Cofrin (1883 - 1980) Founder (Fort Howard Corporation) United States

Edwin Cowles (1892 - 1968) Founder and Owner (Cowles Chemical Company) Founder and Owner (Cowles Engineering Corporation) United States

Harry T Cullinan (1938 - ) Director (Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering) Professor, ChE Department (Auburn University) United States


Stark Dillard (1894 - 1975) Founder (Dillard Paper Company) United States

Norm Dove (1941 - ) Chairman and Founder (Devron Engineering Ltd.) Canada

Hardev S. (Doug) Dugal (1937 - 2017) Academic, Founder, Leadership, Research & Development (Integrated Paper Services, Inc.) United States


Kari Ebeling (1940 - 2012) Professor (Helsinki University of Technology) Director R&D (UPM-Kymmene Corp.) Finland

Charles N. Egan (1910 - 1977) Entrepreneur/ Builder/ Leadership (Little Rapids Corporation) United States

D.C. Everest (1882 - 1955) President and Chairman of the Board (Marathon Corporation) United States


Robert Flowerree (1921 - 2006) Chairman of the Board (Georgia-Pacific Corporation) United States

Henry Frambach (1840 - 1921) United States


Thomas A. Gardner (1926 - ) President & CEO (Gardner Systems Corp.) United States

William Markley Gilbert (1852 - 1926) Co-founder, President (Gilbert Paper Company) United States

David A. I. Goring (1920 - ) Vice-President, Scientific & Academic (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada) Canada

Lothar Göttsching (1936 - 2018) Professor (Technische Universitat Darmstadt) Germany

Thomas Grace (1938 - ) President and Founder (T.M. Grace Company, Inc.) United States

Arnold E Grummer (1923 - 2012) Greg Markim, Inc. (Service / Entrepreneur / Education) United States

Johan Erik Gullichsen (1936 - ) Chairman (Ahlstrom Corporation) CEO (Arhippainen, Gullichsen & Co.) Finland

Johann Gutenberg (1398 - 1498) Germany


Robert W Hagemeyer (1925 - 2001) Manager Special Projects (J.M. Huber Company) Coating Consultant (Industry) United States

Niilo Hakkarainen (1927 - 2011) President (United Paper Mills) Finland

Brenton Halsey (1927 - ) Founder/ Entrepreneur/ Leadership (James River Corporation) United States

Charles Holmes Herty (1867 - 1938) Director of Research for Pulp and Paper (Savannah Pulp and Paper Laboratory (now The Herty Foundation)) United States

John Hinman (1885 - 1981) Chairman (International Paper Company) United States

Bjarne Holmbom (1943 - ) Professor Forest Products Chemistry (Åbo Akademi University) Finland

Dard Hunter (1883 - 1966) Historian, Papermaker and Printer (Mountain House Press) United States


Marja-Sisko Ilvessalo-Pfaffli (1916 - 2013) Research & Development (KCL (Finish Pulp and Paper Research Institute)) Finland


Georg Jayme (1899 - 1979) Academic / Research & Development (Institute of Cellulose Chemistry) Germany

Waldemar Jensen (1915 - 2009) Academic/ Leadership/ Research & Development (Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute (KCL)) Finland

Curt G. Joa (1903 - 1998) Founder and President (Curt G. Joa, Inc.) United States

Fred Herbolzheimer Jr. (1921 - ) President (Thilmany Pulp & Paper Company) United States

Edgar J. Justus (1903 - 1993) Vice President, Corporate Research & Development (Beloit Corporation) United States


Matti Kankaanpää (1927 - ) Chairman & CEO (Valmet Corporation (now Metso)) Finland

Friedrich Gottlob Keller (1816 - 1895) Germany

Jack Keller (1918 - 2007) Founder and Chairman (J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc) United States

William Kellett (1899 - 1997) President (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) United States

Theodore Clifford Kennedy (1930 - 2012) Founder, CEO and Chairman (retired) (BE&K Inc.) United States

Richard Kerekes (1940 - ) Professor Emeritus (University of British Columbia) () Canada

Martin Keyes (1850 - 1914) Founder (Keyes Fiber) United States

John Kimberly (1838 - 1928) Co-Founder and President (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) United States

Charles P. Klass (1940 - ) President (Klass Associates) United States

Margaret E Knight (1838 - 1914) Co-Founder (Eastern Paper Bag Company) United States

Michael J Kocurek (1943 - ) Professor and Department Head, Department of Wood and Paper Science (North Carolina State University) United States

James F. Kress (1929 - ) Chairman (Green Bay Packaging Inc.) United States

George Kress (1903 - 1997) Founder (Green Bay Packaging Inc.) United States

Milos Krofta (1912 - 2002) Founder and Chairman of the Board (Krofta Engineering Corporation) United States

Morris Kuchenbecker (1928 - ) Senior Package Design Engineer (James River Corporation) United States

Eduard Küsters (1905 - 1987) Founder (Eduard Küsters Maschinenfabrik) Germany


Karl F Landegger (1905 - 1976) President (Parsons & Wittemore Inc.) United States

Carl C. Landegger (1930 - ) (Black Clawson Company and Associated Companies) United States

Luigi Lazzareschi (1963 - ) CEO (Sofidel) Italy

Jong Dae Lee (1933 - ) President and CEO (YuHan-Kimberly, Limited) South Korea

Harry F. Lewis (1891 - 1969) Vice President and Dean (The Institute of Paper Chemistry) United States

Barbaravan Van Lierop (1948 - ) Principal Scientist in the Chemical Pulping Program (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada) Canada

Sverker Martin Lof (1943 - ) Leadership (Industrivarden, SCA and SSAB) Sweden

Erling Sven Lorentzen (1923 - ) Entrepreneur / Leadership (Aracruz Celulosa S/A) Brazil

Cai Lun (50 - 121) (Han Dynasty) China


Ernst Mahler (1887 - 1967) Chemist, Executive Vice President (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) United States

Jasper Mardon (1921 - 1997) Canada

John McGovern (1907 - 1995) Research Scientist (United States Department of Agriculture) Research Scientist (Forest Products Laboratory) United States

George Mead (1927 - ) Chairman of the Board (Consolidated Papers, Inc.) United States

George P Mueller (1921 - 2008) President (Wisconsin Tissue Mills) United States

Raymond B Mundt (1928 - ) Chairman and CEO (Alco Standard Corporation) United States


Philip Nethercut (1912 - 2006) Executive Director & Board Vice Chairman (Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry) United States


Elis Olsson (1880 - 1949) Founder and Chairman (Chesapeake Corporation) United States

Herbert Ortner (1932 - 2013) Senior Vice President (Integrated Paper Mill Projects) Senior Vice President (Voith Paper Holding GmbH & Co.) Germany


Derek H. Page (1929 - 2017) Principal Scientist and Research Director (PAPRICAN) Canada

Joseph Parker (1928 - 1972) Associate Director of Research (Beloit Corporation) United States

Hannu Viljami Paulapuro (1947 - ) Academic / Research & Development (Aalto University) Finland

Irwin A. Pearl (1913 - 2014) (Institute of Paper Chemistry) United States

Heikki Peltola (1943 - ) Senior Vice President (United Paper Mills Corporation) Finland

Jori Eino Pesonen (1925 - ) President and CEO (Valmet (Metso)) Finland

Joseph Plank (1881 - 1949) Founder (J. J. Plank Co.) United States

Jaakko Pöyry (1924 - 2006) Founder and Chairman (Jaakko Pöyry Group Consulting Engineers) Finland

Richard Pratt (1934 - 2009) Chairman (Visy Industries) Australia

Bruce Barton Purdy (1917 - 2009) Vice President (Appleton Wire Works) Director (Albany International Corp.) United States


W. Howard Rapson (1912 - 1997) Professor of Chemical Engineering (University of Toronto) Canada

Douglas William Reeve (1945 - ) Professor and Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (University of Toronto) Canada

John P Reeve (1912 - 2005) President and CEO (Appleton Papers, Inc.) United States

Johan Richter (1901 - 1997) Chief Executive Officer (Kamyr AB) Norway

William Rittenhouse (1644 - 1708) Founder (Rittenhouse Paper Mill) United States

Louis-Nicolas Robert (1761 - 1828) France

Alf de Ruvo (1938 - 2000) Executive Vice President (Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA)) Sweden

Sven Axel Rydholm (1923 - 1977) Academic, Research & Development (Billerud AB) Sweden

Niilo Erik Ryti (1919 - 1998) Professor Emeritus (Helsinki University of Technology) Finland


Reinhardt Sabee (1914 - 2005) Founder (The R. Sabee Company) United States

Lawrence Sanford (1925 - ) Associate Director, Research & Development (The Procter & Gamble Company) United States

Thomas Schmidt (1939 - ) President (Wisconsin Paper Council) United States

Richard Scudder (1913 - 2012) Founder, President, and Chairman (Garden State Paper Company) United States

Frank Sensenbrenner (1864 - 1952) President and Chief Executive Officer (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) United States

Thomas Simons ( - ) President, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (H.A. Simons, Ltd.) Canada

Hari Shankar Singhania (1932 - 2013) Chairman (JK Paper Ltd.) India

Darwin E Smith (1926 - 1995) Chairman and CEO (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) United States

Gary A Smook (1934 - ) Principal Instructor, Pulp & Paper, Unit Operations (British Columbia Institute of Technology) Canada

Börje Steenberg (1912 - 2015) Professor Emeritus Paper Technology (Royal Institute of Technology) Sweden

John Frambach Stoveken (1841 - 1921) Founder / Entrepreneur / Leadership (Badger Paper Company) United States

John Strange (1911 - 1992) President (The Institute of Paper Chemistry) United States

Juhani Strömberg (1941 - ) President (Raflatac-Division of UPM-Kymmene Corp) Finland

Lars G Sundblad (1923 - ) President and CEO (AB Iggesunds Bruk Company) Sweden

John Swanson (1917 - 2004) Director, Division of Natural Materials and Systems (Institute of Paper Chemistry) United States


George Herbert Tomlinson (1880 - 1958) Inventor / Innovator/ R & D (Howard Smith Paper Company) Canada

Honghi Tran (1951 - ) Frank Dottori Professor of Pulp & Paper Engineering, Director of Pulp & Paper Center (University of Toronto) Canada


György Vámos (1912 - 2002) Founder and Director (Hungarian Paper and Cellulose Research Institute) Hungary

Lisa Viikari (1949 - ) Professor Emeritus (University of Helsinki) Finland

Johann Matthaeus Voith (1803 - 1874) Founder (J.M. Voith Company) Germany


Douglas Wahren (1934 - 2011) Owner (The Profit Professor) Sweden

Juuso Walden (1907 - 1972) President and CEO (United Paper Mills) Finland

Rudolf Walden (1878 - 1946) Founder, Chairman & CEO (deceased) (United Paper Mills) Finland

Theodore H Wegner (1945 - ) Research & Development (USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory) United States

Albert Bernard Weissenborn (1863 - 1938) Founder (Appleton Wire Works) United States

George Weyerhaeuser (1926 - ) Chairman of the Board (Weyerhaeuser Company) United States

Roy Whitney (1913 - 2005) Vice President, Academic Affairs and Dean (The Institute of Paper Chemistry) United States

Averill John Wiley (1911 - 2001) Technical Director (Sulphite Pulp Manufacture's League (Later part of the Institute of Paper Chemistry)) United States

Robert Williams (1930 - ) Co-Founder (James River Corporation) Chairman Emeritus (Fort James Corporation) United States

Richard P Wollenberg (1915 - 2014) Chairman Emeritus (Longview Fibre Company) United States

Peter Wrist (1927 - ) President and Chief Executive Officer (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada) Canada


Wang Zhen (1271 - 1368) China