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Come Explore the world of paper!

The Paper Discovery Center invites you to explore the world of paper through exhibits, interactive activities, hands-on interpretive displays, and a opportunity to make your own piece of paper in our Purdy-Weissenborn Paper Lab.

Come Celebrate All Things Paper.


Some of our permanent exhibits include (slide show):

  • From Tree to Tissue

    Trees 2 Tissue
    Walk through the Paper Discovery Center tissue mill exhibit and explore the process of making paper through touch, sight, and smell!
    Sponsor: Georgia Pacific
  • Health & Hygiene

    Explore the many ways in which paper products help us control the spread of germs and diseases. With a giant sneeze greeting you at the start of the exhibit, you'll soon want to learn more about how you too can choose a cleanlier lifestyle with paper.
    Sponsor: Kimberly Clark
  • Purdy-Weissenborn Paper Lab

    Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn the art of hand papermaking! Watch as your creation turns from a wet sheet of pulp to a dried sheet of paper ready to take home.
    Sponsor: Bruce & Barbara Purdy
  • People in Papermaking - Career Lab

    People in Papermaking
    People in Papermaking invites visitors to explore twelve different roles in the world of papermaking. From Chemical Engineer to Sales and Marketing, visitors learn about each important role through a computer interactive experience.
    Sponsor: Lake States TAPPI
  • Paper Journey

    Paper Sculpture
    Paper Journey is an artistic conceptualization of the history of papermaking by local artist, Tom Grade. Each symbol is significant with clues embedded in the design. Come see this marvelous piece of art and learn the history of paper.
    Sponsor: Doug & Carla Salmon Foundation
  • Child's View of Papermaking

    Paper Sculpture
    A Child's View of Papermaking is a colorful, interactive exhibit that helps the visitor discover how paper is made. The two-story exhibit is a large paper machine made for kids and adults to play on and learn. Many topics are covered, including: the science and technology of papermaking, where paper can be found in your home, recycling, and the history of papermaking.