Carl C. Landegger

Carl Landegger was born September 20, 1930, in Austria. He obtained his college education at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., where he received a bachelor of science degree in 1951. Following graduation, he joined the U.S. Air Force as a 2nd. Lt. and served in the Philippines and Korea. Upon leaving the service, he joined Parsons and Whittemore Inc. and became assistant general manager of Black Clawson’s paper machine division in 1956. In 1961, he was named executive vice president, and in 1965, president and chief executive officer of Black Clawson. From 1976 to 1984, he was chairman of Parsons and Whittemore. In 1984, he purchased Black Clawson Company.During his career, Mr. Landegger led a team that was one of the pioneers of twin wire forming. His teams were also instrumental in improving the efficiency of recycling waste paper. He wrote over 100 articles for various journals covering business systems, forward planning, and technical matters,

Mr. Landegger was a trustee and director of IPST at Georgia Tech; director of Georgetown University; past director of the Pulp and Paper foundations of the universities of Maine and North Carolina; and former chairman of the Forest Engineering Institute of Canada. A TAPPI Fellow, he is also a TAPPI director and chairman of the TAPPI international division. He was awarded Austria’s “Goldene Ehrenzeichen” in 1995.

Besides his professional activities, he is a director of the New York Runner Club and of the Gregorian Foundation.
Mr. Landegger and his wife, Renee, have five children and 14 grandchildren.