Robert W Hagemeyer

Robert Hagemeyer was born on August 23, 1925, in Detroit, Michigan. He enrolled at the University of Michigan where he received his bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering in 1948.

He joined Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation, progressing to manager of the pigments department. In 1965, he joined Pfizer, Inc., as manager of paper industry products for the mineral, pigments, and metals division. In 1974, he joined J.M. Huber Company in Atlanta as manager of special projects. He retired from there in 1990, after which he served as a consultant and advisor to the industry until his death.

Mr. Hagemeyer is credited with having been the force behind establishing the coating division of TAPPI and later the coating and graphic arts division. He chaired both divisions and many of their conferences. He also served on the TAPPI board of directors.

Mr. Hagemeyer was the recipient of numerous awards during his career, including having a scholarship established in his name by the coating and graphic arts division. In 1985, he received TAPPI’s highest leadership award, the Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award, and in 1995, TAPPI’s Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award. He is the only person ever to receive both awards.

He is the author of 41 publications. A seminal publication was “The Effect of Particle Shape and the Chemical Composition on the Packing Characteristics of Pigment Combinations”, TAPPI, 1960. This publication greatly increased the interest in calcium carbonate for improved coated paper sheets. Together with his helping to influence Pfizer to develop on-site plants, Mr. Hagemeyer’s promotion of the pigment through filler for fiber substitution saved the paper industry hundreds of millions of dollars, while generating improved products.

Mr. Hagemeyer died on January 15, 2001. His wife, Yolande, died July 5, 2003. They are survived by three children, Judy Randall Hagemeyer; H. John Hagemeyer; and Robert W. Hagemeyer Jr.